Re: junk mail


An I offer a suggestion. I'm on over 30 lists at Yahoo and *never*
get spam.

The problem is which email address you use. You do not have to get a
yahoo address to use this service, you can use any email address.

If you register for a yahoo address, you run a much higher risk of
getting "marketing material" sent to that address than if you use
a "private email" address.

You can minimize this effort if you make sure you "opt out" of any
notification via that email address.... In the US, it's law now that
you have to specify if or how you want such legitimate "marketing
material". If you "opt out" and you still get it, you have legal

But as I stated in the beginning, I have over 20 lists subscrbed and
I *never* get spam to that email address (btw, it's a private mail
address, not a yahoo, hotmail, etc).

In my opinion, don't blame the subscription to the list, check your
options and check what email address you signed up for and it's

my .02

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f> Well now that I have joined this group (have done this before on
f> yahoo) I expect that my email address will again be sold to the
f> dealers. When it does and it will, I will be out of here and my
f> address changed again. Yes I said "NO" to don't send me any
f> mail. But Yahoo is the yellow pages of the internet they get
f> and sell information. When everyone else gets fed up with this
f> let me know I will be happy to host a closed list on my
domain.. Fred

Well, I don't have much problem with spam at work, and I'm on a few

Tony, VK3JED

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