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I'm not picking a fight here. Can someone state the purpose and
rules of this list.
I'm going to be brave. :-)

a) is it replacing the list run off of the service?
Yes. I believe so.

b) what is the intent. e.g. content rules?
General info and selfhelp forum for IRLP owners. Sound fair?

c) are there specifically dis-allowed conversations (sales, auctions,
Hmm sales and auctions aren't really much good to me here in Oz,
although if anyone I guess wants to dispose of an IRLP board, I think
this could be a good place to advertise it. :-)

But please guys this is a worldwide list, so if it has a world wide
implication then it's fair. (ie I couldn't help you modify your radios,
because we don't get them over here, and I'd expect the reverse to be
true too. We use our VK IRLP list for that. (and should). Sound fair?

I'd just like to make sure I don't step in a doo-doo pile before I
know the intent.
Commonsense :-) We do have a mailing list here in Oz for our stuff,
currently it's full of licencing issues, which doesn't apply to anywhere
execpt Oz.

Thanks in advance. I'm a brand new node owner and working through
the final efforts of installation.
I'm just awaiting a radio to be moded and our linking regulations to be
clarified. Might be running it non-linked simplex.

I'll have a family of repeaters here in Atlanta that will on the net
Cool Good luck


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