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T. Glen Haggard <glen@...>

I am on two other yahoo list and I get junk mail galore, but, I must admit
that has more to do with publishing some webpages than being on the list. If
it becomes a problem I will again offer to host it here, I never sell
address. Dave told me that it was fine with him but Kent was already working
on this thing. We will see how it goes.


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Subject: [irlp] junk mail

Well now that I have joined this group (have done this before on
yahoo) I expect that my email address will again be sold to the spam
dealers. When it does and it will, I will be out of here and my
address changed again. Yes I said "NO" to don't send me any junk
mail. But Yahoo is the yellow pages of the internet they get paid,
and sell information. When everyone else gets fed up with this one
let me know I will be happy to host a closed list on my domain.. Fred

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