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Nate Duehr <nate@...>

Ing. Enrique Rodriguez Ll. wrote:

Hi to all...!

I�m new to the group and new to IRLP and Linux.
When I did the initial installation from the ISO CD, I made and error selecting the wrong Time Zone for my city. The system is in the EDT zone but for Mexico City must be CDT at the moment.
How can I change this setting ? I have only installed the text version of RH 9.
Thanks in advance.

73 y DX de XE1E Enrique.
Node IRLP 8952
Mexico City

The command-line program for RedHat 9 is called "redhat-config-date" - it provides the command line utilities to set the timezone in all the correct places on the filesystem in RH9.

What I don't have handy is a copy of Dave's RH9 CD to see if it's properly installed during an IRLP installation...

If it's not, it's available on various RedHat 9 mirrors worldwide, and we can help you through installing the RPM package.

Can someone see if it's on your default installed RH9/IRLP system please?

Nate WY0X

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