Re: Time Update

Michael J. Hartwick <hartwick@...>

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004 at 18:21 (-0600), Nate Duehr wrote:

ND> Michael J. Hartwick wrote:
ND> >If your clock drifts this much you would be much farther ahead to make
ND> >use of NTP. I know that there has been discussion on this list about
ND> >make use of NTP. There is a little information in the unofficial
ND> >manual about it. It doesn't make the time jump, instead moves it much
ND> >more gradually and then keeps it in sync.
ND> >
ND> >
ND> NTP also typically is set up to REFUSE to sync your clock if it's more
ND> than 5 minutes off (it assumes correctly that something is so wrong that
ND> the system admin really needs to take a look at it and make a rational
ND> decision about what's going on). The ntpdate command is available for

True, but once the clock is yanked to current NTP will keep it that
way. :)


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