Re: Actiontec DSL Modem/Router Trouble

Albert Lawson

--- In, "Tony Langdon (ATC)" <tlangdon@a...>
Does anyone have experience with using the Actiontec GT701-WG

I'm trying to help another ham setup IRLP and we can't seem
to get inbound packets through to the linux box. Outbound
works just fine and in fact the node shows up on the irlp
status page as idle. (node 3089)

Nothing inbound seems to, ssh, telnet, ftp.

We're using static ip configuration, the linux box IP is
set as the DMZ host, and we've even tried specific port
routing (22 for ssh, 14525 - 14527 tcp and 2079 - 2093 udp
and still nothing.

Any help would be aprecciated..!!!!
DMZ should work. A couple of queries:

1. What is your external IP address?
2. Are you sure the ISP is not blocking ports?

And no...we don't if they are. I can't traceroute
or ping back to him from my IP. But he does indicate
that he sees increased modem activity when I do try to
ping. That makes me think the problem is at the modem.
By the way, his ISP is Qwest DSL if anyone has info on
whether or not they block ports.



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