talking Linux?

Butch Bussen

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll try and keep it as
brief as possible. I am totally blind and use special software to
make my computers talk. I just received my board and cd yesterday.
I'm not totally unfamiliar with Linux, I've used pine, linx, and
ftp on a shell account for years. I know there is some work being
done with a "talking Linux", but most of what I've seen uses
Slackware. I know I'll need some sighted help getting things up
and running, but I want to do as much as I can myself and learn as
I go.

I presently have a talking desktop computer running win98 and special
"screen reading" software. I use a terminal program on this
system to access my shell account and it works quite well. Unless
I can find some sort of bootable talking Linux, I'll need help
getting the first installation done. After this, how much can I do
from a terminal program on my main computer? Can I install the
IRLP software remotely? I notice the documentation talks about
switching terminals with alt-f1. Can I accomplish the same thing
remotely by logging in twice?

I've tried using WINSCP on a friend's computer, and it doesn't
work well with my talking program. I often use FTP to move files
back and forth. Is this available on the IRLP distribution, and
if so, what do I have to do to implement this?

Any help and comments are appreciated. Please reply off list to
keep clutter down.

Thanks and 73s.

Butch Bussen


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