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Butch Bussen

Thanks much. This kind of information is what I'm looking for. I'll be glad to put this kind of stuff together when I get up and running. Just to give you all a little back ground, I have been working with computers since my talking Apple 2E back in 83. Sometimes I kind of miss those days. <smile> Also if you have access to old qsts, I had an article in July of 87, Oct. Nov. and Dec. of 87, and I think final installment was in Jan of 88. I didn't weigh near as much back then, and all pictures were taken by Gary AG0N.

Butch Bussen

On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Jim WW4M wrote:

--- In, "k9dc" <gingrich2@d...> wrote:
You should be able to do nearly everything from a remote session,
including installation of the IRLP software. The only thing your
screen reader might have a problem with is setting the audio levels
with aumix. Aumix is text based, but it uses the arrow keys to move up
and down the various channels of the sound card and left and right to
set the level.
Most people forget you can use aumix from a command prompt instead of
using the arrow keys to move left right. For instance, "aumix -q"
will query aumix to display all current settings. "aumix -o 80" will
set the output level to 80 (out of 100). Finally, "aumix -S" will
save any changes.

73, Jim WW4M

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