can't get Linux to install

Butch Bussen

I spent most of last week end trying to get Linux installed with no luck. It is more than a little frustrating because, as I mentioned before, I need someone to read the screen. I had my wife help and printed out the instructions for her and I also followed along, so I'm certain we did everything right. After I enter all the network stuff, it says formatting, then I get the following error

Error mounting device hda2 as /:
invalid arguement

This most likely means this partition has not been formatted.
press o.k. to reboot your system.

I think the drive is o.k. as I've formatted it on dos and it checks out o.k. I'm wondering if the problem is Linux isn't getting the proper parameters for the drive. This is a 2000 vintage board with a 4 gig seagate drive. In CMOS, it is set to auto. As I recall, only other choices are mode 0 and mode 1, but at this point not sure.

I seem to recall something back when I use to build systems about lba needed turned off for Linux.

Any suggestions welcome. I'm just guessing and really don't know what else to try. I'm more than a little frustrated, and Libbie is really frustrated. Hopefully, once I get things to the point I can access the Linux box remotely with my talking computer, I can do more without help.

Tanks much.


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