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vesterscott wrote:

Yep, the Linksys router's "intenet IP address" is Is this the smoking gun, then?


I haven't found any hooks yet for getting the HomePortal 1100 2Wire modem into "bridge" mode, But I'll give it another try.
I think I found it in an advanced screen on a different 2Wire device. There's also the possibility that BellSouth has turned off this feature in the device, those 2Wire units are quite smart, but also very controllable by the ISP.


Vester N8EKA
Dave's question about whether or not you rebooted the Linksys is accurate but it may be more complex than that.

Last time I worked on a BellSouth DSL using the 2Wire units, the 2Wire unit was routing to them via PPPoE.

The alternate configuration you'd need in that case, is to put the 2Wire device into a Bridged mode (or have the ISP do it, if it's not possible to do it in the unit) and then configure the Linksys to do the PPPoE. You have two routers doing the same job, and you need to make one "transparent". Google searches for "port forwarding + 2Wire + BellSouth" turned up a bunch of folks who'd done it, if I remember correctly -- and that was almost 2 years ago, so the memory is fuzzy.

In addition, once you do this the little taskbar tool that 2Wire/BellSouth provides for monitoring your connection state, etc... will break. Because the 2Wire device in Bridged mode will not have an IP address on the network and will "disappear".

I had to set this up for family who wanted a wireless router and didn't want to pay BellSouth $200 for their 2Wire device that had 802.11b built-in when they could get a D-Link for $40 with a $20 rebate. I hear that for a while after that BellSouth offered the wired/wireless 2Wire devices for free during installation after they saw that people were adding on wireless routers and then calling their tech support and costing them a lot of time.

Some other possible gotchas:
- BellSouth may have switched to using private-side addresses to some customers. Look in your 2Wire device and see if the external interface is one of those address ranges Dave C. mentioned. If it is... you don't have an Internet-routable address being delivered to your house, and no machine on the Internet will ever be able to get to yours. I can't remember if BellSouth allows/charges for routable static IP addresses, but most large providers do. One way they can "enforce" that is by using non-routable addresses for customers not on statics. There's no way to know from here, but looking at the external IP of your 2Wire device will tell the story.

- Do you need the Linksys router? You currently have a network that looks like :

ISP Router --> 2Wire Router --> Linksys Router --> Local LAN

You have an extra unnecessary router in there unless there's some feature the Linksys is doing that the 2Wire doesn't.

Hope that helps... let us know what you find.

Nate WY0X

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