Re: booting from floppy

Butch Bussen

No, the machine won't boot from any cd. I'll try going back to the version I put on my node last fall and see if there is any difference. Thanks much for the quick response.
Butch Bussen

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005, ve7ltd wrote:

Butch, there are some computers that just refuse to load anything
from a CD-ROM or floppy that runs syslinux or linux plain and
simple... Some of these motherboards have BIOS upgrades available,
but often you are either best left to installing the linux on
another similar computer (by similar I mean same type of CPU like
Pentium II), and swapping the hard drives. That does not work in all
cases, but has worked in some.

Does the computer support booting from CDROM, but just isnt working
with the Fedora CD?

Dave Cameron

--- In, Butch Bussen <butchb@s...> wrote:
We're trying to install the new software and had to make a boot
floppy as
instructed because this machine won't boot from cd. It starts
recognizes the cdrom,, then says illegal error starting bccd. The
computer just goes totally nuts and just beeps. Any suggestions?
Butch Bussen

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