Re: IRLP Conference DVD's

Butch Bussen

I agree totally!!!! If there is any extra money, why not give it to Dave to keep the system running. I must have missed something, I thought ham radio was for fun, not for "how much money can I make?"
Butch Bussen

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, glmcduffie wrote:

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The idea is to sell the DVD's to cover production costs and use
any profits for door prizes/costs for future conferences.
I guess I'm the only one having trouble wrapping my brain around why
there should be any profit in the first place. Why not sell them for
cost? The original idea was to provide some coverage for those who
can't be there, not generate revenue for the conference.

If there WERE any extra funds received, I'd vote for giving it to Dave
to help with development costs.

Gary - AG0N

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