Re: Ver 2.02 IRLP Board for Dev Box...

Butch Bussen

I don't think this has been mentioned. If the card is an isa card, usually all jumpers have to be removed to make it plug and pray. If there are jumpers on the card, make sure irq and addresses match.
Butch Bussen

On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, ve7ltd wrote:

Not trying to open a can of worms or anything, but why dont you use
the onboard sound card.

It sounds (or my guess is) that there is an IO conflict between the
onboard and the plug in card. If that is the case, I doubt any amount
of wrestling with the card will make it work.

Make sure your BIOS has not reset due to a weak BIOS battery and
re-enabled your sound card.

Also, go into the


file REMOVE anything that if not related to your ethernet card (eth0).
That way you might get a fresh start when you restart the computer.

Send us your output from


before you start. If the sound module is loaded, there is a chance
there is a conflict in the IO or IRQ the sound card is using.

Dave Cameron

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This may sound silly, but try moving the card to a different slot.


[VA3UV - tried that as well as another AWE64 card - same results - the
really annoying part is that this was working fine up until yesterday!]

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