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It's stretching it pretty far to say this is IRLP-related, Ken.

C'mon... answer this one privately off the list, all... sheesh...

Nate WY0X

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Hi kids

Ok, here's one to scratch your heads about..First some background

I bought a used 40 foot free-standing tower, rated at 4 sq. feet of
windload at 70 mph winds with 1.5 cubic feet of concrete in the base. I
want to use this at my repeater site to get my antenna(s) up in the clear.
I'm putting a UHF Stationmaster up top, along with various link
yagis and a
VHF Stationmaster (for the 2 meter remote).

Ok, here's the question...

The antenna loading will be greater than the rated 4 sq. feet by the time
I'm done. The mounting of the tower will allow attachment to a building at
approx. the 15 foot level. I called factory this morning and asked if
mounting it this way will increase the windload capability and was told
that it would actually DECREASE it since it won't allow the free transfer
of loading to the base.

I'm no expert in physics or civil engineering, but this seems contrary to
everything I've ever read/seen about towers. I would be able to clamp the
tower through 2 legs to the building at this level.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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