Re: using a wet11 for wireless

Butch Bussen

Thanks much. Well, I got their software, but it doesn't work with my talking program, so I'll have to try and get sighted help. I guess I misunderstood the docs. I thought I could either use their software or log in directly using their default address. I've sure got a lot to learn about this stuff.
Butch Bussen

On Mon, 22 Jan 2007, Klaus Rung wrote:

You need the special wet-11 software you can download
from the linksys site.

This will allow you to recognize the wet-11 with your
pc and then login to it and change the settings so you
can set it to your ip address structure of your

Download off the linksys site all the docs and
software and read the info in order to access the

You cannot log into it unless you have their software
first to set it up. Then you can just use your web
browser to set it up and access it to check signal
strenght etc.


--- Butch Bussen <> wrote:

I posted on this list a while back and a couple of
you suggested getting
this Linksys wet11 so my friend could have his node
computer talk to his
wireless router. I bought one of these on ebay.
The guy shipped it in a
plain paper envelope, so I'm fairly certain it is
doa, but wanted to ask
just to be sure. I reset it and looking on the page
Dave sent me, I saw
that the default address for it is
If I plug this thing in
my laptop network port, shouldn't I be able to log
in to this thing and
configure it? I know the switch must be in the x
position, and I've tried
it both ways. Any other way I could check this
thing out? I think it is
toast, just wondering if I've overlooked something
obvious. When I run
ipconfig /all at the command prompt, the laptop
doesn't show that anything
is connected to the card or port.

Butch Bussen

Best regards,
Klaus Rung, VE3KR

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