Re: COS programming of the GR1225 and GM300

Butch Bussen

I agree totally. This guy is to be commended for really wanting to help a customer. This type of service is rare these days.
Butch Bussen

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Forgive me for saying this, but I find myself in complete disagreement
with you. This gentleman undoubtedly knows what he needs to know to do
his job, he just needs someone to translate our nomenclature to his.

Consider this, he cares so much about satisfying a single customer, that
he has gone, hat in hand, to the mountain, to seek advice from the
largest collection of experts in the world. All this just to make sure
he does the job right, and satisfies a single customers unusual request.
Man, would I ever love to be able to do business with companies like
that, even on an irregular basis, it would make my day! Just imagine
having a work force full of people with that kind of drive...
Personally, I find his initiative and commitment to customer service
both admirable and commendable!


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Ken Arck wrote:

<---Forgive me for saying this but you're a 2 way shop and need help
programming a 2 way radio????????

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