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Butch Bussen

I had the same problem when I got on sprint dsl a few years back. Had to set up the modem as a bridge so the router can forward ports. If the modem isn't a bridge, you'll get double address translation--that won't work.
Butch Bussen

On Thu, 24 May 2007, Jim WW4M wrote:

I initially had problems getting started on DSL, and my small ISP
insisted they weren't blocking any ports. Turns out the DSL modem was
configured incorrectly and I had to exchange it. I think it was
configured to function as a modem but I needed it configured as a
bridge, or perhaps I have that reversed. Most people wouldn't notice,
but most people aren't doing VoIP. I linux-savvy tech at the ISP
suspected the true cause of the problem and arranged the exchange for me.

73, Jim WW4M

--- In, Eric Scott <kc7klz@...> wrote:


I'm toying with the idea of setting up an IRLP node. I currently
have a Verizon DSL line. I'm running a small LAN through a D-link
router. (I'm not at home, so I don't have the model number handy.)
When I was playing with Echolink, I wasn't able to get the UDP ports
to pass though the firewall. Either by opening up those ports in the
Firewall setting on the router. or placing my machine in the DMZ zone.
I suspect, Verizon has a firewall set up on their end. Dose anyone
out there know if that is true? I have not gotten anywhere with
Verizon's tech support, or with their web site.


Eric Scott

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