repeater controler script?

Butch Bussen

I'm not sure if there is such a thing, but thought it was mentioned long ago on this list. I just rebuilt a node for a friend of mine in Pahrump, and also set up a Kenwood tkr-820 repeater for him, I've built four of these. There is some strange problem with the repeater. When I push in the button on the front to take it out of repeat mode the node works, only like a simplex node on two different channels of corse. When I put it in repeat mode, I don't get any audio out of the plug on the back--audio out to the computer. Anyone know this radio and have any suggestions? The simplest solution I can think of is to let the node computer also be a repeater controller. Hope this makes sense. Any suggestions welcome.

I live in Vegas, he lives in Pahrump and we're both blind, so transportation is a problem. A script that I could install remotely so the thing would act like a repeater would be nice.

Butch Bussen

node 3148

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