Re: some dtmf tones not decoded

Butch Bussen

Pin 8 goes to squelched receive audio from the repeater, same hook up as mine has been running on here since I put it on the air over 3 years ago. The node had been working fine on a Phoenix, and in the process of changing jumpers on the board for this repeater, it failed to reboot--a hard drive crash. The node was working fine here on my machine. He hasn't tried another radio as he has to get help to set the pl on another radio for him to try. The ht he is using did work before, but that was on a different radio. BTW, this is a version 3 board. Any way the 25 pin cable could be bad? Your thoughts were same as mine, too hot, too low. The strange part is it worked here, but on a different repeater.

Butch Bussen

On Mon, 1 Oct 2007, ve7ltd wrote:

Is this from ALL DTMF pads, or just his?

How is the DTMF decoder being fed (what does pin 8 of the IRLP board
go to)? Is the level high or low?

The decoders either work or not. I have never seen a partially failed
decoder in the history of IRLP. All "bad digit decodes" have been a
factor of:

1) Too loud of audio feeding the decoder
2) Too quiet of audio feeding the decoder
3) Pre-emphasized audio (straight from the discriminator) feeding the
4) DC ground loop in the audio chain (repeater audio ground at
different potential than computer)

Dave Cameron


-- In, Butch Bussen <butchb@...> wrote:

I didn't get any response to my note about a script to control a
so hopefully I'll have better luck with this question. AS I said
in my
previous note, I'm trying to help a friend get his node up and
His hard drive crashed, so I rebuilt his system here, installed
it and restored his backup file. Got the levels set here on my
a Kenwood TKR-820 which is the same as he has. I sent the computer
with him and now certain touch tones are totally ignored. I logged
in and
watched with readinput, and they just are totally ignored. The
which don't come through are 5 6 a b c

Any help appreciated.
Butch Bussen

Node 3148

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