Re: DSL Moden and wireless router hook up

Butch Bussen

I was on sprint when I put in my node. I had the same problem. I put the modem in bridge mode, then set up the router with proper name and password to log me in. I also set up the router to stay connected. I do not have a static ip, they want another ten bucks for that.
Butch Bussen

On Tue, 1 Jan 2008, Chris Hembree wrote:

ISP is Qwest
Modem is a Actiontec GT701
I think I need a Static IP address form Qwest to put this in Bridge.
Because the dsl modem needs a User name and password.


Terry Green <> wrote: Looks like you have 2 routers between your node and the Internet. You need
to put your DSL modem into bridge mode, that will disable the internal DHCP
server and make the modem transparent. Put the IRLP node on a static IP
address outside the range of the DHCP server of the Apple router and set the
proper port forwarding rules and you should be back in business.

What ISP are you with?
What brand and model modem?

Here is a link to help you configure your new router with IRLP.

On Dec 30, 2007 4:50 PM, w7cth <> wrote:

I need some help on this on. I have had my IRLP up and running for
about 2 years now. With a DSL modem with the IP address
into a 5 port switch with no IP address. Just straight through to the
IRLP computer and the other computers in my home.

I bought a Apple Airport Extreme wireless router with the IP of to replace the 5 port switch and to be wireless only on my
Macbook. The Apple Airport has 3 ports on the back to hook up other
computers without being wireless.

One port will be for the IRLP.

I do not know for the life of me how to map all this together.
The DSL modem is with all the ports open for the IRLP
computer that is

What IP address needs to see what? and were do the open ports need to be?

Thanks for all your help.
Chris W7CTH
Boise ID.
Node 3541

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