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I'm not sure I understand what you're looking for. Whether you use tone or digital, the pin on the back (pin 13, cor out) changes no matter which. It has voltage with no signal and goes low with signal. On some models, you'll get noise when you open the squelch on the front unless you have a microphone and have it grounded to the case. The repeater actually has two squelch controls, one for local use, and one inside for the repeater. BTW, if you go to my irlp page, you'll see a better explanation of wiring and better formatted. Guess my talker and pine played hob with linefeeds and such. That is what I get for writing it in a windows editor and sending it on a Linux mail program. I still love pine, but that is another story.
Butch Bussen

On Sat, 16 Feb 2008, kc7wsu wrote:

I have the cos, however is it possible to get a CTCSS decoded cos?


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I've set up 5 or six of these on irlp and never needed to use
Here is some wiring info. Note a couple things, if you push in
the "take
over" switch on the front pannel, back connecter is disabled.
Also, you
need to move the cos jumper on the irlp board. If you have
questions, feel free to write off list. Hope the below is clear.
Wiring for repeater.
Tie left and right chanel together on both eighth inch stereo
audio plug.
from repeater plug to db 9
assessory plug.
pin 1 is upper left looking at back of plug.

1. hook switch input (must be grounded for patch) jumper to pin
11 and
also to pin 6 on db9.

5. modulation input. goes to audio plug which plugs into line
out on
sound card. No connection to the bb9 except ground.

8. ptt input. goes to pin 2 on db 9 which we'll also jumper to
the aux
one, which is pin 3 on db9.

9. speaker input. Jumper this to pin 12 for repeater speaker
10. demphsis audio out (squelched rf receive audio) This
goes to pin
8 on db 9 which also goes to sound card line in.
11. ground. goes to pin 6 on db 9 and jumpered back to pin one on
repeater plug as mentioned above.

12. speaker output. jumpered to 9 on repeater plug as mentioned

13. cor output. Goes to pin 7 on db 9.

Butch Bussen

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