Re: Setup IRLP to use tone decode

Butch Bussen

I always wondered if you could program the 820 to be a cor only machine, not that I'd want to to that now, but did at one time. How do you do that, just leae the pl blank? I assume this is all done in programming the pl chip? Just curious now.
Butch Bussen

On Sat, 13 Sep 2008, Dave Gingrich wrote:

He has the internal repeater controller disabled, and is using the the
repeater controller script in lieu of that. He just needs the TKR
configured for TOR instead of COR. Standard stuff, just wrong in his


On Sep 13, 2008, at 8:51, AG0N-3055 wrote:

This paragraph bothers me. I'm not saying it can't be done that way,
but if what is written above means what it says, that the repeater is
not set up as a repeater, that he is using the irlp-repeater script
instead, this could be part of the problem. Is the repeater even
set up
for CTCSS? Etc. I don't know about others, but Butch's (WA0VJR 3148)
have all been working repeaters with audio/ptt/cos interfaced to IRLP.
He does use CTCSS. The irlp-repeater script is not involved at all.

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