Speaktime script and COSSTATE

Paul Cassel VE3SY <paul@...>

Hi all
I have been using the voice ID script and voice fiels provided by Bryan VO1HHR for several months now.   All works well except for the fact that it does not hold off when the COS is active.   This results is my node sends the voice ID to the repeater whenever the cron calls for it and ignores the cosstate.
I have run the utility to monitor the states for COS and PTT and they do display properly so I know the IRLP code is seeing the COS activity OK.
Would apprecaitte anyones input on this script
Paul VE3SY
. /home/irlp/custom/environment
# Make sure we are user repeater!!!
if [ `/usr/bin/whoami` != "repeater" ] ; then
  echo This program must be run as user REPEATER!
  exit 1
# Make sure we have sourced the environment file
if [ "$RUN_ENV" != "TRUE" ] ; then
  echo "You must source the environment file first. Do this by running:"
  echo ". /home/irlp/custom/environment"
  exit 1
if [ -f $LOCAL/active ] ; then exit 0 ; fi
#if [repeater@irlp scripts]# cosstate   then exit 0 ; fi
usleep 900000
cd /home/irlp/custom
"$SCRIPT"/wavplay stn241
exit 0

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