Some new setups for experimenters - ref99XX

David Cameron - IRLP

As part of the discussions that have been going around about nodes
that allow crosslinks, and the need to experiment, I have decided to
open up a range of numbers of experimental nodes that can be called
from an IRLP node. They will use no PGP authentication, and will just
be like a connection to the IRLP echo reflector. They will be
callable from ANY irlp node, and you can lock them out as you would
any other node.

This satisfies the needs of the guidelines, as the IRLP nodes have to
voluntarily connect.

There will be a warning created and uploaded to nodes that these are
experimental numbers. The warning will be "quietable" by adding an
environment flag.

The codes from 9900 through 9989 will be set aside for this.

As a developer/experimenter, you will have to provide me with a
static IP (or) a dynamic DNS entry you want the connection pointed
to. No audio files will be supported, except the reflector 9 9 0 0

These will be assigned first come-first serve basis. Please email me
directly with requests. The code to do this should be in place within
a week.

Dave Cameron

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