Re: Information on how to get (and use) an experimental node assignment

Randy Hammock <rhammock@...>

The questions are below:

On Feb 1, 2009, at 4:08 PM, ve7ltd wrote:

4) What IRLP codec you would like the IRLP nodes that connect to use,
and if full duplex
Will nodes negotiate CODEC like normal nodes or will they expect a particular CODEC in the same manner as a reflector?

5) Whether you want DTMF tones to be muted or not.

If DTMF tones are muted, will the DTMF data still be available via the FIFO? chan_irlp does not listen for DTMF tones coming in from a remote IRLP node (that I'm aware of), it uses the back channel like a normal IRLP node.

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