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Stephen Brown

Understood, thanks Dave for the clarification.


On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 7:45 PM, ve7ltd <dcameron@...> wrote:
Well currently I don't think there is a mode that meets the IRLP
guidelines, so if you want to experiment with connecting IRLP nodes
to your asterisk system, I would use an experimental node number.

Nobody is going to go out and hunt down the non-compliant nodes, but
be aware that any non-RF source signal into an IRLP node is against
the guidelines. Any complaints will be investigated.

As an IRLP node owner, by adding the ALLOW_EXPERIMENTAL_NODES=YES
flag to your IRLP environment file, you are agreeing to allow this
(and whatever else may come across experimental nodes) on your node.

Dave Cameron

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What about those of us that have existing IRLP node
assignments/keys and
were using Asterisk/chan_irlp? Should we cease using that and
request an
experimental node number instead?

tnx and 73

On 2/1/09, ve7ltd <dcameron@...> wrote:

Experimental node numbers assignment:

In order to obtain and use an experimental IRLP node number, I

1) Your name
2) Your callsign
3) Your IP address (static) or fully qualified hostname (
etc) **SEE NOTE**
4) What IRLP codec you would like the IRLP nodes that connect to
and if full duplex
5) Whether you want DTMF tones to be muted or not.
6) What current IRLP nodes you own or maintain
7) What your planned use of the experimental node is (software

Send this information to experimental@... <experimental%>,
not to my address.

In return, I will add you to the list of experimental nodes,
which is
contained in the exp-x-reference file.

In order to participate in the experimental node system,
participating nodes must add the following flag to their


Nodes who do not add this will get a "node does not exist" when
try and call.

The IRLP files that have changed or been added:

scripts/decode - added the ability to split out the 0000-0999 as
scripts/exp-x-reference - the file that contains all the IP/host
scripts/experimental_call - the script that sets up the calls

These will be automatically updated tonight, or you can manually
force an update.

The call that is made is the same call that is made to the echo
reflector. No verification of the identity of the node, no ping,
no TCP connection is made.

Limitations -

1) Only one assignment per callsign at first. Once the demand has
been determined, others will be allowed if available.
2) No updates to the entries will be made once set, so verify the
info is correct.
3) There will be no status reporting on the IRLP status page,
that IRLP nodes will show they are connected to 0010 for example.
4) IRLP reserves the right to remove these experimental
at any time, for any reason
5) No requests for specific numbers - they will be assigned in

**NOTE** - If you think that your node's IP will change, get a
dynamic DNS hostname setup. I will not be updating the exp-x-
reference file after setup.

Dave Cameron

Stephen Brown - ARS K1LNX
Johnson City, TN EM86

Stephen Brown - ARS K1LNX
Johnson City, TN EM86

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