Re: another "broken" custom.crons thread

Phil D. Mills/NV4P <phil@...>

all of my crontab entries use >/dev/null and not > /dev/null, no
space between the the pointer and the file. I dunno if that makes a

On 02/02/2009 10:07 AM, James Nessen wrote:

Make sure that you have a .profile file in /home/irlp, if not, you will
need to create it, simple way is to:

cp .bashrc .profile


ln -sf .bashrc .profile

That should get you going again.

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On Mon, February 2, 2009 6:52 am, phrijjid wrote:
i just can't get anything to "fire" from custom.crons

it's really frustrating.

many moons ago, when my node was running redhat, i had a great time
adding cron jobs.

now, not so much.

i've read and re-read the threads on this subject and the suggestions
haven't "fixed" the problem.

* * * * * (/home/irlp/custom/30min > /dev/null 2>&1)

the "30min" [script to run wavplay_nice] runs as designed from the
command line but not as a cronjob.

yes, update files, puts my custom.crons entry into "crontab -l" as

i've tried the "touch" test and yes, a file is created in /tmp/.
i've tried outputting to cron_test instead of dev/null.
yes a file is created but it's zero bytes.

i've tried "other" scripts that obviously work from the command line:
enable, disable, wavplay, etc.

none actually "run" from my cron list.

i edit the custom.crons as repeater, update files, type crontab -l,
then type date till :00 comes, but no joy.

any suggestions as to what i may have broken?




Phil D. Mills/NV4P
Pensacola, FL

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