Re: Information on how to get (and use) an experimental node assignment


It could do that, and I suspect most will be set up that way. But it is purely a function of whatever software is running on the EXP node. IRLP does not produce any software to run as an EXP node, but if you are running rtpDir, Asterisk, Allstar or even the windows version of Speak Freely on a server somewhere, the flags mentioned here earlier will allow your IRLP node to dial into that device, if you want.

There is no security in this arrangement, no guarantee that you are even connecting to Hams, no status page indication, etc. If you or your users are concerned about issues like that, do not set that environment variable. Your node will continue to operate in an IRLP- only secure mode as it always has.


On Feb 2, 2009, at 12:56 PM, Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) wrote:
<-- Hi Dave; Does this mean that the EXP node essentially becomes an
open reflector, allowing multiple IRLP nodes to connect to it (with the
proviso that the other IRLP nodes have the Experimental flag set?)

Thanks, Ramesh, VA3UV

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