Thank You & Help with script please.

uk_2e0xlg <danielmoore2005@...>

First a Big Thank You to AG0N ( Gary ) for all his help with my IRLP
Node and his website is a top page to learn from. Also cheers to the
IRLP team & Buddie for there help.

Right I have this script called PIN Numbers by Tim Spicer VA3TJS

The system using PIN numbers allow better control of node access.
Individual amateurs are given their own 4-digit PIN. When the system
is ON control of a node requires the PIN then * then the node number or
other control code. The first time a station uses the PIN the callsign
of the station is announced with a `Thank you callsign' – the last
callsign to control the node is stored. Further announcements are
inhibited until a new station takes control when again a thank you
message is initiated.

Thats a Quick idea of what it does. Now I am new to IRLP & Cent OS but
I need this script to be working on my node due to some ppl in the area
being ANTI NODE PPL. They have been trying to get into the node so they
can leave it open. I have a code on the node for now but this script is
a very good Idea for my node as it also logs who has used it ect ect. I
also find that alot of ppl who use nodes dont pass there callsign
before use so this script will do that for them. I have had a go at
getting it working but to no avail. Is there anybody who can possibly
log into my machine and have a look to see what I am not doing or doing
wrong. Ref to the script is on here 51926 or the link is any help would be
great and I am sat by my node right now for the next 2 hours if anybody
wishes to call me. Node 5505 the callsign 2E0XLG.

United Kingdom
Node 5505

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