exp0016 newsline server update


Due to popular request experimental node 0016's newsline server will
now disconnect upon completion of the news. Additionally the default
timing has been changed to drop "carrier" for 10 seconds every 2
minutes to allow timeout timers to reset.

Since some (me!) find interruptions every two minutes very annoying
the news server's timing can now be configured on a station by station
by station basis. If you would like longer or shorter intervals or
longer or shorter breaks send me an email with your node number and
the timing you'd like.

Thanks to Dave WD5M for providing the disconnect script!

If you been planning on adding the amateur radio newsline scripts to
your node but never got around to it? If so you might want to try
experimental node 0016's newline server. Just connect to it to hear
the current week's newline report.

To enable connections TO experimental nodes add
/home/irlp/custom/environment. Note adding this will *NOT* allow
experimental nodes to connect to you, it only give you the option of
connecting to them if you chose to do so.

73's Skip WB6YMH

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