Re: exp0016 newsline server update

Gary - AG0N

On Sun, 22 Feb 2009 16:01:53 -0000, wb6ymh wrote:

Due to popular request experimental node 0016's newsline server will
now disconnect upon completion of the news. Additionally the default
timing has been changed to drop "carrier" for 10 seconds every 2
minutes to allow timeout timers to reset.
I'm really curious what brought that about. :o)

Since some (me!) find interruptions every two minutes very annoying
the news server's timing can now be configured on a station by station
by station basis. If you would like longer or shorter intervals or
longer or shorter breaks send me an email with your node number and
the timing you'd like.
Thanks for that. Frankly, I have found the 4 minute dump to be
annoyingly frequent while driving down the road. However, that's what I
think it takes to avoid the IRLP timers, so I'd like mine set at that.
That would include 3055 and 3936. I don't think my other node will be
connecting regularly.

Thanks to Dave WD5M for providing the disconnect script!
I like the disconnect idea. But it does mean my script to connect and
disconnect will need to be modified due to the aumix level shift we
discussed previously. I'm providing a small boost at connect and a -L
at disconnect to make up for small level differences in the newsline

Thanks again for your work on this, Skip. Newsline is sooooooo much
better than KP's ARRL audio news. The locals are starting to listen
again. :o)

Side note. For those who want to have a custom connect and disconnect
that does NOT announce the 0016 number, or just want a custom message,
the AT&T voices work great for this. Anyone interested in the ones I
have generated drop me a line and I'll send them to you. They are small
and to the point. As Dave said earlier, they will need to be called
exp0016on.wav and exp0016off.wav and put in the folder with all of the
other on/off audio files with like permissions and ownership. I use a
special command to connect and disconnect and the source is never
announced. That also allows changing the audio levels if required.

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