File - 2-Week Reminder


This Yahoolist was created for node owners to gather and share technical information and discuss the operation of their IRLP nodes. It has also become an official means for the IRLP Project Team to send out important announcements to node owners.

Yes - the occassional SPAM message will make it to the list. P L E A S E - DO NOT respond, comment or start a thread about same. This rule is critical to keeping sanity on the list.

Yahoogroups has a very nice Advanced Search feature which allows you to search the whole archive of messages in one search. Please type some keywords from your question in the "Message Body" and "Message Subject" to look for answers before asking them in the group. Thank you.

Several nodes have been hacked as a result of brute force attacks. In each case these breaches were a result of password that was a common persons name or callsign. A brute force attack is one in which all possible words of a certain length are attempted until a correct one is found. Crack dictionaries which contain a list of common words and phrases can easily be found on the Internet. Many crack dictionaries contain entire scripts to popular movies and entire sets of song lyrics - so be warned.

A strong password is as long as possible. Always use at least six characters in your password. The longer the password, the more difficult it is to attack with a brute-force search.

- Have both upper and lower case letters.
- Have digits and/or punctuation characters as well as letters.
- Are easy to remember, so they do not have to be written down.
- Are AT LEAST six or more characters long.

Most attempts to compromise any box or done on the standard FTP/SFTP port numbers of 22 and 23. It is advisable to change the SSH port of your node to something other than 22. To do this log into your box as root and edit the file.... /etc /ssh/sshd_config

Uncomment out the port and change it to whatever you wish as long nothing else is using that port. You will need to restart SSH so as long as you are logged right at the node and NOT via ssh, enter the following commands -
service sshd stop
service sshd start

The new port will now be in effect. Remember to change your routers port forwarding or you will not be able to remotely access the node. And like your new secure password, remember the new port number.

NOTE: If you are overwhelmed by the traffic on this list do not choose the No Email option but rather configure your list membership using the following option: Special notices. Only send me important update emails from the group moderator. This option will assure you still receive infrequent yet important emails from the moderators.

It is "NOT" your right as a node owner to have access to this list.
Node owners who cannot get along with the majority of this group will be unsubscribed .

This reminder is sent every two weeks to the list.

Thank you,

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