Huawei E960 and IRLP

Ron H <vk3ant@...>

Hi group.

I am trying to set up a node here at home but am having some trouble.

My telephone and internet come in to the house via the Huawei E960 Inzone wireless modem and no matter what I try I just can't get IRLP up and running.

There are several computers in the home and they all perform their respective tasks including the Asus EeePC 900 which runs my RF Echolink node.

I have been in touch with the installs team and together we have gone through several tasks, but have had no luck and this baffles them too because, as I say, my Echolink node runs off the same modem and I have absolutely no problems with this, I have done nothing to the modem in as far forwarding ports etc. I have also been in touch with my IP and they tell me there is no router built in to this modem ( that they know of ) but they appeared very vague and maybe didn't understand the ability of the modem themselves.

Just wondering if anyone else out there has had anything to do with this type of modem and what they have done to get round the problem, does anyone have any idea why Echolink works "off the shelf" and not IRLP as they both work along similar lines.

I have done quite a bit with my Internet Provider over 2 years in trying to get IRLP working.. Firstly I had cable coming in to the house, that didn't help so I tried ADSL, that too didn't work now I have gone to the wireless modem and this too appears not to work, lots of modems, lots of expense and still IRLP doesn't work, I suppose the next thing to try is getting rid of the current Linux box and get another, but I would rather not, the wife and the purse strings syndrome.

Anyway, other than buying one of those built up boxes ( which at this point in time doesn't guarantee that I will get IRLP working ) what else can I try.
Any help will be very greatly appreciated.


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