can't make static ip stick

Butch Bussen

I'm rebuilding one of my nodes (3028), and am having trouble making it hold its static address. I've set it up same as my other node 3148, in fact testing it on the same router. I have my router start assigning numbers from 101, which is where my wife's desktop happens to be at the moment. Numbers below 100 I use for static addresses. My node and this one I set at I run netconfig and put in all the right numbers, and then run ifdown eth0 and ifup eth0, and I'm disconnected and can log back in on which is where I want it. The problem happens when I reboot, It goes back to the next number in line, and where I started, in this case I tried everything I could think of, and finally called Gary, AG0N, and he went through the same things with me and it still reverts back to 102 on a reboot. Looking at
the numbers in these files look as they should. We don't have a clue why this isn't sticking. Any ideas? I've been messing with this thing all day. BTW, my node is off so there isn't any address conflicts there. I'm way over my head on this one, but will try and answer any questions as best I can.


Butch Bussen
open Node 3148
Las Vegas

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