Re: Disabling DTMF Decoding

John Lorenc

Thanks Mike.

This will do it nicely. I tried searching the messages, but came up empty. I
do peruse the files section from time to time and this one was under my nose
and I did not see it. 8-(.


John, VA3XJL

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Hello John,
Yea there is a way if you go to the IRLP yahoo group in files there is a
script that allows you to do this. the script is by Tony VK3JED "NO DTMF "
I have had the same problem a few years ago i put the script in and my
problems when away Great Script.

wd5mhz #3243
Mike Henry

---- "John Lorenc (VA3XJL)" <> wrote:

I am experiencing some deliberate QRM 73 node disconnects while
intending to maintain a connection to a reflector for an extended
period of time. The connection is established with a short notimeout
and sleep script, which works well, except when a finger bandit starts
disrupting things.

My question is:

Can the dtmf decoding be disabled and enabled via command line? If so,



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