Re: Send email on connection



I had the Twitter feed operational until the upgrade, I found that useful.
I was working on the upgrade and became sidetracked. Thank you for the
question on mail, which is an operating system question, but offers the
control op responsibility. These are a requirement in my opinion. Guess I
don't have an answer, but support your question, thanks Rich. In RH7.3 I
also had mail operational, have not tried it on CentOS.

John KB4YFK - nodes 4943 and 8068, Virginia, USA.

From: [] On Behalf Of WA2ZPX
Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2011 10:47 AM
Subject: [irlp] Send email on connection

Is anyone running a program to email them upon a connection, running CentOs
4.8? I used to have a simple script running in my custom_on script that
worked. It appears that in the 4.8 Irlp release mailx or sendmail is not
installed. I have read through the Google searchs and unfortunitly some of
the input and comments about configuring them are above my understanding.
Anyone have a simple way, or a step by step to accomplish this? I can get
around Linux and the Irlp box pretty well.



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