Re: individual node to node time out

John Lorenc


You might try this ...

In this example, connection is maintained for 8100 seconds.

Note that the dtmf disable is to keep finger bandits from disconnecting you.

# script to connect to Vancouver Reflector 9008 for Friday night

source /home/irlp/custom/environment

$SCRIPT/connect_to_reflector ref9008 notimeout
sleep 8100
exit 0

John, VA3XJL

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Subject: [irlp] individual node to node time out

I frequently connect to a node in Tennessee on the weekends. Of course when
idle it times out. Rather than changing /home/irlp/custom/timeoutvalue to
ZERO, has anyone created a script that allows a specific node to have its
own timeout value assigned to it when connected?

Thanks in advance for the help.



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