Re: Ghosting linux drive under windows xp

Butch Bussen

I agree that in most cases there is no need to back up the entire drive.
Ours is a special case though. We can't do the initial install without sighted help. Once I get the system on the network, I can talk to the Linux box with my windows machine and have set up many new nodes and restored others this Way. The problem is getting to the point where we can do that. Most of the cloning or backup programs around make you boot from a cd or whatever, and when we do that, we don't have anything talking, again depending on a sighted person, which many of us just don't have around.

On Tue, 14 Jun 2011, John wrote:

re Ghosting linux drive under windows xp

I wonder if anyone has tried to ghost their linux drive to another healthy
drive using a windows product. I am blind and need to work under windows.
Tried Norton ghost full version under winxp without success. even though it
suggests it can. Maybe it can only do this under win7?
I don't have a desktop workhorse setup with win7.

Dave C wrote on April 29 2011:

First of all, there is very little advantage of backing up the entire system if
it is only running IRLP. A lot of time and effort was spent in ensuring that the
CentOS CDs provided everything you need in a raw fresh install to run the IRLP
system. Unlike Windows, you don't need to spend the better part of a day running
updates and updates on those updates from Microsoft, Adobe, McAfee, etc.

When I want to do a drive image (which I never do on IRLP nodes) I use a program
called Clonezilla. It can create a compressed image of any drive, and store it
on a USB key. That USB key can then be made bootable and is an exact copy of the

I don't know about doing it from your windows machine. I know that Clonezilla
can work though SSH, but I have never tried it before with a "running" system.

Dave Cameron

Perhaps the install team can help Aedan
in this matter..considering his loss of sight..

I have a HAM friend who has tunnel vision
and can well understand the situation.


John - VK4JKL
IRLP 6163

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