Re: Great news! My IRLP app is online!

John Lorenc

Very cool and thank you for making it orientation aware. Works well on iPad.


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On 2011-08-06, at 7:00, "nocreativety" <ASSAF_X@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

Got some great news folks,

Version 1.0 of my app, IRLP*Me, has been approved and is on the app store. You can find it on the app store by doing a search for IRLP.

This app uses GPS to allow you to find the nearest node, or you can search by entering a city name or node number.It displays the node status and for those who were asking about maps, it also displays your location on a map relative to the node. Screen shots are available at Hope you enjoy it and let me know how your experience is.



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