help with long range wireless

Butch Bussen

I am presently running my node 3148 through a Linksys wrt-54g router on my repeater here at my house. A cell phone company called Viaero is negotiating with me to put a tower on some land I own just north of town. If so, I want to move the repeater and node to this tower, which is around a quarter mile from my house. I have asked and they say they can't provide me with Internet but could provide me a data card for my computer. I'm not sure what this would cost me nore am I sure this would work on Linux. My other two options are is to use a couple link radios, but I'd rather do a wireless feed from my house to there to save the $40 or so a month another Internet connection on Fairpoint would cost me. We can take this off list, but I'd like suggestions and recommendations on what I'll need on each end, equipment and antennas. I'm totally blind and don't have sighted help to wire cables for link radios and I don't think I could build my own wireless antennas. Any help appreciated.

Butch WA0VJR
Node 3148

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