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I have taken over node 2520 and only recently looked at the logs. I too am getting netcat not found errors every few minutes.
update files and ipupdate work, but the node is running RedHat 7.1, so the solution at won't work. I tried yum list netcat, but yum is not found!! Can I install yum on 7.1 and if so, how??

Thanks from "Linux challenged" Bob Howard, VE3YX

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A lot of the scripts are dependent on that one, so I don't suggest commenting anything out. You might want to check and see if the netcat tool is installed and up to date, which would fix the issue if it was not.

"yum list netcat" would tell you if it is on the server and what version it is.

If it's not there, "yum install netcat" should take care of the error.

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I have been getting my message log filled up with 'netcat not available' messages for some time now. I have to filter these when updating a usage web page, and it involves parsing etc. which uses resources.

I noticed that this message originates in the $SCRIPT/ file, and when I commented it out, no more error messages.

However, after the updates, back to normal.

So I was wondering if these messages could be commented out on the distro?


Greg G4CUI 5100

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