help with backing up my drive

Butch Bussen

I'm trying to make a copy of the 40gig drive on my node 3148. I am running fc3 and both drives are 40 gig. I don't know really what to use to do a clone or copy as most stuff I see on line requires that I boot from a cd. When I do this, my computer doesn't talk and as I can't see the screen, I need a program that talks. I have a program that I've used for years in windows called image for windows. I put the drive in my windows machine and make an image and then restore to my new drive, and all seems to go well. There are two partitions, one very small. Both seem to restore fine, but when I put the new drive in the IRLP box, I get "no operating system" If I put in the original drive, machine boots fine. Do I have to make one of these partitions active? Any ideas or suggestions on another backup program that would work, or why this one doesn't? I don't understand why I get this error.

Node 3148
Wallace, ks.

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