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Rick Szajkowski

ok I will try and put each port into the router ( running DDWRT) and try that .. I need the DMZ for some other projects

I guess I cant group the UDP ports ..

Thanks !

--- In irlp@..., Dave Gingrich <Dave@...> wrote:

Some firewalls do not completely understand NAT with UDP. If the DMZ works, just use that. The recommended way is to not use a router or firewall at all, if possible. Unfortunately some folks are forced to share an IP with other users, and have to use a router. But there is nothing wrong with running the node as a DMZ host.


On Jan 4, 2012, at 11:23, Richard s wrote:

I have a router crash

rebuilt one via a PC

Thought I would save some space in my port forward table
forwarded 2074 through 2093 (UDP) to the IRLP node
and 15425 to 15427 (TCP) to the IRLP node

I dont get any in-bound audio and I have had a friend fail to connect to my node (2120)

if I DMZ the done in-bound audio works ( via echo ref)

I guess I need to put the UDP ports 'one per line' ?


node 2120

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