Re: node locking up


Thinking outside the square here Butch,
as I often do when wanting a simple answer..:)

1. Wondering if the Dell has "hibernate" active.
2. I once had a sick HD on my IRLP node and found it
by running 'shutdown -F -r now' (-F = scandisk on reboot -case sensitive)
3. It may also pay to scan the RAM, but I can't locate the command right now.


73 John

On 05-Jan-12 9:25:22 PM, Butch Bussen (butchb@ wrote:
I moved my node to another computer as the old one
wouldn't boot most of
the time. I moved the hard drive, irlp board and sound card. The new
computer is a Del desktop, I forget the model. Everything seems to work
find except every night my node stops responding. I get no response from
touch tone commands, and although I can connect via my terminal program, I
get a login prompt.
I'm thinking this has something to do with the
update that is sent out each night, as the node quits about the same time
in the early morning.As I recall an update is sent out around four
mountain time. This morning at ten til 4 mountain time, node was fine. I
checked again at ten after four and it is locked up again. If I reboot,
it comes back fine. Am I on the right track? What do I look for? I'm
running fc3 and until my computer switch, have had no problems for many

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