Keydown problem with new node

k7huw_james <k7huw@...>

Just setting up my new node (7674) and I'm having a problem. Maybe somebody can give me a clue.

NOTE: I've got my node outside the firewall on a public internet IP. So there is no firewall. All tests in troubleshoot-irlp pass. Internet is a business cable modem.

When connected to another node or reflector I can hear their audio just fine. However what they hear is a keyup, then my audio good and loud for a second or two, then keydown. A pause, then keyup and another second more or less of audio then keydown. And it continues that way until I stop talking.

I hear the same thing back from the echo reflector.

When transmitting my COS light stays lit the whole time. If I turn up the volume on my node radio I can hear my voice just fine with no cut outs.

If I plug an ipod playing music into the sound card on the node computer the other end hears the same thing; key-up, a second of music, key-down.

Anyone have any thoughts as to what else I might try?
-James K7HUW

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