Re: node locking up

Butch Bussen

Yes, this is the drive I transplanted as the other pc wouldn't boot. I can do that eventually, but will have to get sighted help and I'll lose a lot of custom stuff I have such as pine. I was hoping someone could take a look and see what program is crashing the system as it is the exact same time each day.

Node 3148
Wallace, ks.

BTW, it is fc3 if that matters.

On Tue, 10 Jan 2012, ve7ltd wrote:

Is this the drive you took from another PC and transplanted?

I would suggest that there is something with this hardware that the configuration from the old PC does not like. In theory, this should work, but not always.

I think your best course of action is to create a backup of your node, and reinstall fresh with CentOS 4 on this PC.


--- In, Butch Bussen <butchb@...> wrote:

As I mentioned before, when it locks up, I have no access over the
network. It locked up again at four again this morning. Here is from
my messages file. Aparently when it locks up, doesn't write anything to

Any help or suggestions appreciated. If someone wants to take a look, I
can send password and port. Here is from my messages file.

Jan 9 22:13:24 localhost sysctl: kernel.sysrq = 0
Jan 9 22:13:24 localhost sysctl: kernel.core_uses_pid = 1
Jan 9 22:13:24 localhost rc.sysinit: Configuring kernel parameters:
Jan 10 05:13:24 localhost date: Tue Jan 10 05:13:24 MST 2012
Jan 10 05:13:24 localhost rc.sysinit: Setting clock (localtime): Tue
Jan 10 05:13:24 MST 2012 succeeded
Jan 10 05:13:24 localhost rc.sysinit: Loading default keymap succeeded
Jan 10 05:13:24 localhost rc.sysinit: Setting hostname
localhost.localdomain: succeeded

Node 3148
Wallace, ks.

Mon, 9 Jan
2012, ve7ltd wrote:

Since the computer seems to be sort of "soft locking" (you can still communicate with it through the network), it may be logging the problems in


The contents of the folder


are also run around that time every day.


--- In, Butch Bussen <butchb@> wrote:

I tried scandisk and I don't know what happened, but the machine
wouldn't boot back up. When I had my cousin look at the monitor I got
an invalid boot option error and some numbers which I don't recall.
Anyhow, I restored an image and everything is working fine except for
the lock up. I've determined it is something run in a cron somewhere.
My time and date are set correct, and the machine locks up at around 4
o'clock every morning. This morning, at 3 til, it was fine and when I
again checked at five past 4, it was nonresponsive. Where can I look to
see what is causing this?


Node 3148
Wallace, ks.

On Fri, 6 Jan 2012, John wrote:

Thinking outside the square here Butch,
as I often do when wanting a simple answer..:)

1. Wondering if the Dell has "hibernate" active.
2. I once had a sick HD on my IRLP node and found it
by running 'shutdown -F -r now' (-F = scandisk on reboot -case sensitive)
3. It may also pay to scan the RAM, but I can't locate the command right now.


73 John

On 05-Jan-12 9:25:22 PM, Butch Bussen (butchb@ wrote:
I moved my node to another computer as the old one
wouldn't boot most of
the time. I moved the hard drive, irlp board and sound card. The new
computer is a Del desktop, I forget the model. Everything seems to work
find except every night my node stops responding. I get no response from
touch tone commands, and although I can connect via my terminal program, I
get a login prompt.
I'm thinking this has something to do with the
update that is sent out each night, as the node quits about the same time
in the early morning.As I recall an update is sent out around four
mountain time. This morning at ten til 4 mountain time, node was fine. I
checked again at ten after four and it is locked up again. If I reboot,
it comes back fine. Am I on the right track? What do I look for? I'm
running fc3 and until my computer switch, have had no problems for many

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