Re: RE node locking up

Butch Bussen

As another note, I did not have this problem on the old system. Only trouble I had was if it went off for any reason, I couldn't get the machine to reboot. I tried another drive and finally concluded it was a motherboard problem, that is why I switched machines.

On Tue, 10 Jan 2012, Butch Bussen wrote:

Sorry, I don't recall the error exactly. No help, I know.... As I
recall, as it was read to me, said invallid boot option and then 00
00/1b0. I should have had my cousin write it down exactly but he was in
a hurry and I figured if I restored an image, things would be o.k.
Image was from old system, so yes, I may have just restored the error.
Is there any way I can log this or run it over the network so I can tell
what is going on?
Node 3148
Wallace, ks.

On Wed, 11 Jan 2012, John wrote:

Butch wrote

I tried scandisk and I don't know what happened, but the machine
wouldn't boot back up. When I had my cousin look at the monitor I got
an invalid boot option error and some numbers which I don't recall.
Anyhow, I restored an image and everything is working fine except for
the lock up. I've determined it is something run in a cron somewhere.
My time and date are set correct, and the machine locks up at around 4
o'clock every morning. This morning, at 3 til, it was fine and when I
again checked at five past 4, it was nonresponsive. Where can I look to
see what is causing this?

Need to know what scandisk reports. Can "shutdown -F -r now"
be told to write a log file..DaveC & DaveG ??
WHAT was that 'invalid boot option error' ?
Which image did you restore? The one from the old machine?
That would have had incorrect data, including any cron job errors.

"I can't log in once it locks up. It isn't seen on the network, nor does
it respond to dtmf codes. All I can do is power down and reboot."

These are the same symptoms I had with a flaky HD 2 years ago.

73 John

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