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Butch Bussen

Had a similar situation here when I moved bck to Kansas. The modem they provided was also a router, so I had the installer set it up in bridge mode, so my old router worked fine.
Node 3148
Wallace, ks.

On Wed, 11 Jan 2012, Dave Gingrich wrote:

My point is/was this problem as reported by troubleshoot-irlp is EXTERNAL to the node. There is nothing you can do to the node computer to fix a port forwarding problem. This can ONLY be fixed on your router, or some other router out in front on the way to the Internet.

What happens commonly is an upgrade to Internet service results in new equipment being installed by the provider. These days what used to simply be a modem, is now a modem/router combination. The effect is, you no longer need to provide your own router. But you have to set up port forwarding on the ISPs router to make it work. If you want to continue to use your own router, you can. But that means you have to set up port forwarding twice. You may be able to toss your old router completely.

What is the IP address on WAN side of your DDWRT router? If it is a private address, then what I described above, happened. Perhaps you upgraded your Internet connection, or added a service that required a new modem be installed (phone service, TV, etc).

Bottom line is, this cannot be fixed by doing anything to the node computer.


On Jan 11, 2012, at 12:46 PM, Richard s wrote:

I did not say the IRLP NETWORK I said system .. as in my computer
I know its on my end in one form or another be it the OS bad HD full HD or just plain bad luck
I know the IRLP NETWORK is stable and has allways been stable ( as long as I have been a member of it (node 212)
Thank all members of our great group for the help I will post updates as they happen ..

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