Re: Blind users configuring IRLP

Butch Bussen

I just use the standard ones put out by Dave. i need sighted help to get it on the net work, but once that is done, that is the initial install, I can do everything else with speech. I use a windows machine with window-eyes and use a terminal program and winscp for moving and editing files. Once on the network, you can do a new install or a reinstall with speech. I've done both. Setting levels is easier for a sighted person, but with a little playing can be done from the command line.
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Wallace, ks.

On Sun, 15 Jan 2012, Larry Watkinson wrote:

Good Afternoon,

Is there anyone who is a blind user that has found a version of Linex that
works with IRLP.

I would be looking for someone who would be willing to work off list to
share there knowledge. My goal is to set the software and control everything
myself with a screen reader just as I do with Windows.


Larry KC7CKO

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