Re: Activity timeouts when connected to reflector

Butch Bussen

I'm curious, what is the sleep 2700 for?
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Wallace, ks.

On Sun, 19 Feb 2012, John Lorenc (VA3XJL) wrote:

I have found this to work for me in terms of holding a connection to the
9100 reflector for 45 minutes versus the default 20 minutes. The
dtmf_disable and dtmf_enable:can be used to keep finger bandits from
disconnecting and frustrating you. You can link to this script with some
close held dtmf tones in custom_decode.

# script to connect to Reflector 9100 for 45 minutes (override 20
minute timeout)

source /home/irlp/custom/environment

# $CUSTOM/dtmf_disable
$SCRIPT/connect_to_reflector ref9100 notimeout
sleep 2700
# $CUSTOM/dtmf_enable
exit 0

I am not a Linux or IRLP guru.



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This stuff isn't really difficult, but it does require the node owner to do
a little reading and research. Have you checked out AG0N's website?

Richard <>

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On 2/17/2012 8:04 PM, john wrote:

During listening to a net on a the 9000 channel 8 reflector we are
getting Activity timeouts and we have to re-connect again to the

What needs to be done to eliminate these?

John, ve3dvv node 2313


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